Spring boot Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we will see important questions and answers on Spring Boot.

What is Spring Boot?

Spring boot is the solution for creating standalone and production grade Spring application with very little Spring configuration.

Explain some features of Spring Boot?

Here are some features of Spring Boot:
  • It embeds web-application like Tomcat or Jetty directly
  • Comes with various already available maven's POM file to do minimal build creation code.
  • Automatically configure Spring
  • Provides inbuilt health-check feature
  • Provides inbuilt 'metrics' feature

    What is the advantage of Spring Boot?

    Following are the advantages of using Spring Boot:
    • Reduces lots of development time by providing boilerplate Java code and configuration
    • Easy to integrate with Spring ORM, Spring Security, Spring JDBC etc
    • Provides various plugins to develop, build and unit test Spring Boot applications with minimum effort.

      Explain the purpose of spring-boot-starter-batch?

      The purpose of spring-boot-starter-batch is to import all the dependency for the spring batch application. The advantage of it is that searching and configuring all the dependencies has become easier.

      What are the template engines that Spring boot supports?

      Spring boot supports the following template engines:
      • Groovy
      • FreeMarker
      • Mustache

        What is the main disadvantage of Spring Boot?

        Converting legacy Spring Framework application into Spring Boot application is not straight forward and is bit time consuming, which makes it difficult to port legacy Spring projects to Spring Boot application.

        That's all for interview questions and answers on Spring Boot. Please provide your feedback in comment section.


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